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Digitally Speaking provides presentation and conference capture services:

  • on-site capture and encoding of audio, video, slide-based presentations and full screen demonstrations, in a synchronized fashion
  • custom, fully branded version of the playback user-interface
  • live and/or on-demand streaming of the presentations
  • soft post editing and indexation for fast access to a particular segment.
Digitally Speaking service is end-to-end: from design, planning, project management to content hosting. The capture, upload, and playback process can be fully delegated with little overhead management.

Digitally Speaking is simple for the presenters:

  • They can use their own computers (Windows/Linux PC, Mac). Digitally Speaking will simply connect to their VGA port (for the projector).
  • The solution captures any type of animation, including video and software demonstration
  • Presenters can change slides until the last second, and improvise during their presentation or Q/A session.
  • The solution is non-intrusive: no software or plugin download needed

Digitally Speaking is simple and engaging for the end-users:

  • Cross platform support (Windows, Linux PC and Mac)
  • No download needed (Flash based)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Indexation, seek, fast access to each segment.
  • Fast availability after the event.

Digitally Speaking is simple for the Event Organizer:

  • End-to-end service including: design, planning, on-site service, content hosting, reporting.
  • Dedicated event manager.
  • Project management.
  • Custom or standard design and branding of the event.
  • Custom or standard integration.
  • Reporting and feedback.