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Digitally Speaking contributes to Conference and Trade-show successes:

  • Better service to attendees, who can easily review online:
    • a particular point of interest of a presentation
    • a missed presentation because of simultaneous scheduling
  • Expansion beyond the room:
    • attendees who could not come in person can still be targeted
    • attendees overflow can be accepted beyond room capacity for sold-out conferences
  • Online presentations represent an additional support for targeted sponsoring & advertising
  • Recorded content can be quoted, linked and referenced easily by bloggers and news agencies for wider and deeper coverage
  • Feedback on presenters and topics popularity is easily captured online
  • Organizers can now build a highly valuable knowledge base of content produced by experts in their field
  • The best recorded presentations help convince attendees and sponsors to participate to the next conference

In particular, Digitally Speaking provides the ability to:

  • Record and capture either all the rooms, or only the most important ones
  • Select who has access to the online content: attendees only, everyone, or selectively
  • Webcast the conference live, or on-demand, or both
  • Avoid technical compatibility issues by remaining non-intrusive on presenters computers (no software installation, no requirements to pre-upload presentations)
  • Capture all content: not only slides, audio and video, but also full-screen, full-motion animations and software demonstrations.
  • Customize an intuitive player to the Conference brand
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous end-users
  • Manage a project end-to-end with little overhead for the organizers